That is no longer one of my clients, so their backup is now restircted.

But the following is a list of my other old clients:

Unified F Theory | Original
True Grit Natural Horsemanship | Original
PowerHouse Painting | Original
Web Guru
Party for Accountability Competency and Transparency
Find webcams currently withing range of the sunrise or sunset
My Resume

And the following are some sites I've made for various other reasons:

My Wiki (CS253 exam - 100%)
My Cryptarithm Solver
(JavaScript - remade from the lost one I made in GW-BASIC circa 1987
- and nowhere near as elegant as the one I made in python circa 2012)

My Alphametic Builder
(PHP/MySQL - automatically solves the next availible cryptarithm in the database)
Some "big data" API's I've written
Biker Game Guild Page
A tower defence game I made from scratch
(Flash - very early stages, more for proof of concept)
A Mafia/Town of Salem type multiplayer chat game

...and many more that predate php (so are not compatible with my current server)
and/or were lost in the "great formats" of '88 '95 and '06 :(