Chris Pavlis

(613) 366-1186
114 Marier Ave
Ottawa, Ontario
K1L 5S1


To be the best teacher I can be. To be seen as fair and as patient as possible. To keep up to date on current internet trends.


Web Development Instructor

Herzing College
Ottawa East
May 2015 - current
(last taught may 2016)
  • I strive to teach computer use, web design, networking and history to those who need to learn it.
  • This is my feedback

Lead Software Developer

Sept 2012 - May 2015
  • Lead in all aspects of the the Party for Accountability, Competency and Transparency's custom built, website for enabling direct democracy in Canada using MongoDB and php.

Infrastructure Support Analyst

(Night Shift)
June 2010 - Oct 2011
  • Solved mission critical issues in business applications ranging from common tools such as SAP or citrix through obscure custom scripts used only by Phizer.
  • Educated and advised Phizer employees on proper use of business applications including the setup of secured VPN's, from their homes and hotels.
  • Configured and maintained security policies and software from Novell and RSA Security to defend both Phizer and HP's technological infrastructure.

Chief Technical Officer

(24/7 on call)
Nov 2008 - Aug 2009
  • Lead the Design, creation, monitoring and maintenance WebsiteMe VIP's websites directly.
  • Lead the Design, create, monitor and maintain WebsiteMe's website, custom built automated website creator including licensed and customized 3rd party WYSIWYG editor using only PHP and MySQL on barebones LAMP servers using only notepad++ and putty.
  • Created a feasible price system to allow WebsiteMe to sustain itself through the creation and hosting of inexpensive but high quality, custom made websites.
  • Made one of our VIP's a multi-sub-domain website with different skins and options for each of his subsidiaries.

Communications Infrastructure Specialist

(day shift)
Ottawa July 2007 - Sep 2008
  • Maintained infrastructure and assisted in issues with Primus's T1, PPP, Email and VoIP infrastructure.
  • Provide customer care to all of Primus's customers, both residential and corporate, with varying experience from computer illiterate to network specialists.
  • Maintained and updated DNS, FTP, telnet, email, router and web server configurations.

Internet Policy Enforcement

(Night Shift)
Feb 2004 - July 2007
  • Ensured the integrity of Time Warner Cable's clients, by enforcing user policies.
  • Ensured the safety of Time Warner Cable's clients by tracking external complaints and reporting them to the proper abuse contacts.
  • Wrote a program in visual basic which was able to intelligently filter through over 2 dozen types of email (two, often 3 headers) complaints, validate the IP addresses, filter the needed information and format it according to ticketing software and then deposit the log into the ticketing software.

Lead Technical Consultant

(24/7 on call)
Dec 1998 - current
  • Design, create, secure, host and maintain websites and web apps of varying custom types: a few struggling start-ups, gaming guilds, friends family and many of my own.
  • Advise of minimum requirements, billing conditions and policy enforcement, security.
  • Created, Designed, Hosted, and Managed Advertizing Revenues from


2015 Computer Programming at Algonquin College: Relational Database design, Java, Computer Science

2012 Computer Science Under Ph.D. Sebastian Thrun: cryptography, programming, and robotics.

2000 Completed Technical Support Specialist training and Comptia A+ Certification.

Self taught over 30 years:
  • Programming: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Actionscript (Flash), HTML, CSS, JQuery, Scratch, Java, Python, MongoDB, GW-Basic, Visual Basic, ASP, C++, BASH, Batch files, Assembler/Dis-assembler.
  • Technologies: Virtual Private Networking, Website Hosting, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Tracking, Bulletin Board Systems, Remote Assistance, Open Systems Interconnection Model, Subnetting and Intranet Configuration, Voice Over Internet Protocol, Session Initiation Protocol Trunking, Active Directory, Darknet, Domain Name Systems, Security Penetration and Threat Prevention, LAMP servers, PBX servers, Reverse Engineering...
  • Internet Security: Cryptography, Heuristical Analysis, Port Scanning, Viruses, Botnets, Secure Socket Layer/Transport Layer Security, E-Commerce, RSA, Two-Factor Authentication, Darknet...
  • Tools: Bitbucket, Mercurial, Citrix, Telnet, Notepad++. SAP, Apache, Syncbak, Tucan, Putty, Kismet, Packet Sniffer Pro, Macstumbler, Cisco Router Sim, Central Ops.
  • Operating systems: Cisco IOS, Slackware, Ubuntu, Debian, Damn Small Linux, Unix, Windows 3.0-10, DOS 3-6.22

Computer Science Certifications:

  • CS387 Applied Cryptography: Science of Secrets
    David Evans, PhD, Professor of Computer Science, Univeristy of Virginia
  • CS262 Programming Languages: Building a Web Browser
    Westley Weimer, PhD, Professor of Computer Science, University of Virginia
  • CS253 Web Application Engineering: How to Build a Blog
    Steve Huffman, Creator of and
  • CS212 Design of Computer Programs: Programming Principles
    Peter Norvig, PhD, Director of Research, Google
  • CS373 Artificial Intelligence: Programming a Robotic Car
    Sebastian Thrun, PhD, Professor of Computer Science, Stanford University.
  • CS101 Intro to computer Science: Building A Search Engine
    David Evans, PhD, Professor of Computer Science, Univeristy of Virginia
  • Intoduction To Artificial Intelligence
    Sebastian Thrun, PhD, Professor of Computer Science, Stanford University.
    Peter Norvig, PhD, Director of Research, Google

Hobbies & Interests:

Programming, Security and Penetration Testing (personal server), Video Games, Reading, Teaching, Learning, Chess, Bass, Philosophy, Science, Math, Cryptography, Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Sudoku, Model Building...
  References available upon request. My portfolio